Astromust x Ternoa NFT Drop

AstroMust has partnered with Ternoa to bring you a premium Astronaut from the M.U.S.T collection, exclusive to Ternoa’s brand. This MUST NFT offers more than just a profile picture – it comes with exclusive in-game utilities and other awesome perks. Don’t miss out on this epic collaboration! Follow for more info…

Our investors and advisors

Welcome to AstroMust, the ultimate space adventure game that will take you on an epic journey. You are invited to step into the shoes of AstroMust, an astronaut on a mission to explore the vast expanse of space.

This isn’t just any mobile game – AstroMust is a revolutionary multiplayer, multi-genre experience with ONE shared narrative, all presented in a whole ecosystem of stunning low poly art style games.

Players can expect adventure, discovery, progression, collaboration, competition, mastery, craftsmanship, and customisation as they undertake the legendary race to the moon.

AstroMust has 1 key objective, to build the Multi Universal Space Team (M.U.S.T), the most advanced and trusted AI team of robots the world has ever seen, which together are capable of overcoming any obstacle or challenge thrown at them, on their mission, through a series of thrilling multi-genre experiences.

Astromust games available 

AstroCraft – Play to Mint a RECRUIT

Build a robot as quickly as possible and mint your free Recruit NFT. Don’t stop there though, explore nooks and crannies to discover secret maps and easter eggs.

Play now → App or Play Store

AstroRoyale (Beta)

A Battle Royale game that is exclusively accessible to our community at the moment. The game challenges players to battle it out in a new arena until only one player remains.

Click to Request Beta Access


As players explore this vibrant world, they will encounter a diverse cast of characters, including merchants, traders, and smugglers, each with their own unique story to tell.

Click to Visit Astroverse

Community-built Maps


With its scenic vistas and challenging gameplay, AstroForest is a great addition to the game and a must-visit destination for players.

Explore this world →


AstroMarket is a futuristic marketplace set in a cyberpunk atmosphere, where players can buy and sell various items and equipment to aid them in their intergalactic battles.

Explore this world →


A treacherous underground labyrinth filled with traps, puzzles, and terrifying creatures. You must navigate through the maze-like corridors to find resources.

Explore this world →


AstroCity is a bustling metropolis on a distant planet, where the population relies on Astromust to defend their home from outside threats.

Explore this world →


The stakes are high, as the future of humanity may depend on the discoveries you make on AstroMoon. Will you find a way to harness its resources to save Earth?

Explore this world →


The AstroCave is a unique map that is mystical and adventurous. Astromust has to face numerous challenges and obstacles while exploring the cave.

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Alien Planet is an intergalactic destination that players can explore in their quest to save humanity in Astromust. The planet is teeming with extraterrestrial life.

Coming soon →


AstroStation serves as a hub for players to connect with each other and embark on intergalactic adventures. It is equipped with the latest technology and resources.

Coming soon →


This arena is set in a massive junkyard that’s been abandoned for years and has since become a hotspot for scavengers and treasure hunters.

Coming soon →

Multi-player & Multi-genre

  • Different game types linked by a shared narrative
  • Play solo, in teams, large fractions or with AI Robots
  • Build your legacy in a persistent universe

Shared progression / One story

  • Different games, one shared narrative, keep your progress
  • Item interoperability
  • A bigger, deeper gaming ecosystem

Game tech

  • Blockchain technology to connect games
  • Players and Holders enjoy fun and revenue
  • Proof of Play token to protect in-game economy

Three Collections


  • Your entry point into the MUST world
  • Eager to explore, prove yourself worthy
  • Upgrade on discord


  • The protagonist of the shared narrative
  • Super advanced and accomplished
  • The ultimate Avatar


  • Trusty companion
  • Advanced AI robot – guide, helper and humour
  • Categories – Intelligence, Strength, Stamina, Speed and Agility

A futuristic open world

A multi-player, multi-genre, space exploration game

Begin your multiverse adventure

Explore resource-rich planets, build futuristic space technology and discover immersive mini-games that include an ever expanding, procedurally generated universe and interstellar biomes.

Build, thrive, and dominate

Build your fortune in a universe teeming with opportunities. Earn rewards by completing quests, participating in exclusive tournaments, events and trade in lucrative economic hubs.

Shape the future

Uncover mysteries, join exciting adventures and partake in captivating stories! Decide the fate of Astro Must and forge the next steps in the game’s legacy by voting on what ‘Must’ be done next.


Experience the ultimate adventure in an infinite universe! A never-ending supply of biomes to explore, enemies to conquer, and resources to gather, endless possibilities for non-stop action and excitement.


An ultimate gaming experience that combines the best of all genres – strategy, exploration, combat, or crafting – explore new worlds, build your own civilization, or engage in epic battles. Choose your own path and embark on a journey that’s uniquely yours.


Step into a rich and immersive world, experience a captivating tale of survival, exploration, and conquest as you journey through many worlds, meet new characters, uncover hidden secrets, and face new challenges.

Race for something Better, Fight for something Greater.

Download Astromust and Save Humanity in an Epic Interstellar Adventure

Astromust takes players to different worlds, where they must gather resources, develop new technologies, and use their skills to overcome challenges. With humanity’s fate at stake, players must think on their feet and work strategically to save the day. Astromust can be downloaded from both the App Store and Google Play.


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