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20% in-game REVENUE

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What if there is a NEW WAY.

AstroMust – where passion, profitability, and potential Converge.

A unique crowdfunding opportunity like never before.

By sharing 20% of our revenue with the community, we are offering a chance to be part of a project aiming to redefine success in the gaming market valued at $165 billion in 2023

Experience and gain from a transparent ownership stake, an innovative approach that has huge potential for growth.

Multi-Player and Multi-Genre Gaming Ecosystem with ONE Storyline…

Welcome to AstroMust, the ultimate space adventure game that will take you on an epic journey.

You are invited to step into the shoes of AstroMust, an astronaut on a mission to explore the vast expanse of space.

Multiple Games, ONE Story…

This isn’t just any mobile game – AstroMust is a revolutionary multiplayer, multi-genre experience with ONE shared narrative, all presented in a whole ecosystem of stunning low poly art style games.

AI Helpers …

Additionally, AstroMust is centered around the integration of AI characters that possess independent thinking and speaking capabilities.

This integration opens up a realm of uncharted creative possibilities, offering players new opportunities for self-expression and emergent gameplay experiences.

Players can expect adventure, discovery, progression, collaboration, competition, mastery, craftsmanship, and customisation as they undertake the legendary race to the moon.

The Protagonist on a Mission…

AstroMust the astronaut, has 1 key objective, to build the Multi Universal Space Team (M.U.S.T), the most advanced and trusted AI team of robots the world has ever seen, which together are capable of overcoming any obstacle or challenge thrown at them, on their mission, through a series of thrilling multi-genre experiences.

Our Achievement so far …

In a remarkably short time, we have achieved incredible feats, surpassing most established game publishers. Our portfolio includes The RECRUIT, a Play-to-Mint demo game on the app store with 40K downloads (during mint) and 5-star feedback.

We collaborated with the AstroMust community to develop over 1 million square meters of metaverse space, fostering one-of-a-kind, collaborative creativity.

Our AstroRoyale beta game, a Elixir Web3 Launcher, offers an immersive battle royale BETA experience.

Leveraging AI, we generate unique in-game assets of exceptional quality. With unwavering dedication, we aim to inspire and push gaming innovation to new heights.

Looking ahead, we have an exciting roadmap for the future. In the coming months, we will release three MVPs for different game genres, each offering a unique and engaging experience. The first MVP will feature an update to our popular survival RPG demo game, followed by an enhanced version of the AstroRoyale beta that will be connected to the RPG game, allowing for shared progression items between games. We will also introduce a hyper-casual game that will act as a funnel to the ecosystem, attracting a wider audience to our universe. Our goal is clear: we aim to achieve 10 million downloads across our MVPs within the next 12 months.

But that’s not all – we are committed to developing all future games in collaboration with web2 and web3 studios and publishers, with the goal of recycling games on our ecosystem by re-skinning them and extending their lifecycle. This approach will not only provide a sustainable gaming experience for our players but also allow us to offer a diverse range of games that cater to everyone’s preferences.

Join Us…

Join us on our journey as we push the boundaries of mobile gaming and create a universe that’s out of this world, a groundbreaking evolution in gaming.!

Together, we embark on a journey to shape the future of storytelling, narrative, characters, games, AI, and virtual worlds.

Experience a revolutionary digital asset. The Active OG Collection goes beyond being a mere profile picture or community access. It offers real utility and exclusive benefits that redefine the traditional asset class.

Here’s why you can’t afford to miss out:

Real Utility: The Active OG is not just a collectible item. It’s a unique digital asset that grants holders access to exclusive benefits and opportunities.

Revenue Sharing: Holders enjoy a 20% revenue sharing program in the highly profitable gaming industry. You’ll receive a portion of the profits distributed among a limited number of Active OG holders.

Access to Restock: As an Active OG holder, you gain the privilege to restock in-game items for sale, catering to an active player base with disposable income.

Exclusive Access: Enjoy priority access to project updates, including beta keys for testing new games, and be among the first to acquire MUST tokens upon launch.

Monthly Newsletters: Stay informed with our exclusive monthly project newsletters, specially crafted for Active OG holders. Gain valuable insights into the latest news and developments in our games.

Prestigious OG status: Gain a distinctive in-game identity that sets you apart and grants distinct recognition among other players. Will serve as a testament to your commitment and influence within the game’s community, further enhancing your credible social standing .

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The gaming industry is booming, valued at $165 billion, with mobile gaming as the fastest-growing segment, accounting for 50% of total revenue. In this landscape, two main categories of successful mobile games emerge: single-title and multi-genre games.

Single-title games, curated by studios, focus on a specific game category. While they are competitive, they often have a short lifespan and may experience a single peak of growth.

Multi-genre games, on the other hand, are user-generated and boast high engagement rates. They offer endless growth opportunities by continuously adding new games to the platform. However, they lack quality standards, shared narrative, progression, and item shareability.

To summarize:

  • Gaming industry is valued at $165 billion, with mobile gaming dominating.
  • Successful mobile games fall into two categories: single-title and multi-genre games.
  • Single-title games have limited longevity and growth potential.
  • Multi-genre games offer infinite growth but lack quality standards and key features.


Introducing AstroMust OG, the game-changer in the mobile gaming industry. We combine the best of both worlds, merging the curated nature of single-title games with the boundless potential of multi-genre games.

AstroMust Studios offers:

  • High-quality, curated games with longevity and growth potential.
  • Shared narrative and progression across multiple games.
  • Item shareability and a thriving community experience.

We are creating the perfect blend of curated content, endless growth, and an engaged community.

Our Vision

  • To reach 10million downloads with 3MVPs
  • Based on the performance of the Demo on the App Store


How it Works.

The Active OG generates revenue within the game through the active process of reselling in-game items (Original Generation).

This unique characteristic sets it apart from traditional security assets as its value is derived from the ongoing generation and resale of these items.

Unlike regular security assets, which typically generate income through passive means such as dividends or interest, the value of the Active OG is dependent on its ability to generate and resell in-game items within the game environment.

Essentially, the Active OG derives its value from its involvement in the active buying and selling of virtual items, making it distinct from traditional investment assets.

We anticipate generating revenue from each new game release, with a plan in place to launch a fresh or reimagined game every quarter.

This strategy ensures a consistent flow of revenue as we introduce exciting gaming experiences to our audience on a regular basis.

AstroMust aims to introduce a groundbreaking gaming experience – an ecosystem of interlinked games across multiple genres. This ecosystem offers Shared Narrative, Shared Progression, and Shared Items, making it a curated version of ROBLOX.

MVP Phase: Testing the Game Ecosystem Concept

Step 1: MVP1 – RPG Crafting Game

  • Key game in generating revenue for the ecosystem.
  • Serves as the base game, connecting all other games.
  • Interoperable items primarily connect to this crafting game.

Step 2: MVP2 – Shooter Game

  • Integrates with MVP1, allowing character skins and guns as interoperable items.
  • Offers the ability to export crafted items from the crafting game.

Step 3: MVP3 – Casual Game

  • Acts as a gateway to the rest of the ecosystem.
  • Targets the hyper-casual game genre, known for its large market and high download rates.
  • Connects to the first two games and attracts players to explore the ecosystem further.
  • Expansion Phase: Drastically Increasing Game Variety

Expanding the Astromust project is crucial to compete with ecosystems like ROBLOX, which boast millions of games. To achieve this, Astromust taps into the potential of recycling games that have reached the end of their life cycle.

A Massive Opportunity for Studios

  • Numerous games reach their life cycle’s end and are typically discarded.
  • Astromust partners with studios and publishers to recycle these games.
  • This benefits both Astromust and the studios, offering curated games for reskinning and adaptation to the ecosystem.
  • Studios gain more value from their creations while expanding the ecosystem.

What we’ve built so far…

AstroCraft – On Mobile

Build a robot as quickly as possible and mint your free Recruit NFT. Don’t stop there though, explore nooks and crannies to discover secret maps and easter eggs.

AstroRoyale (Beta)

A Battle Royale game that is exclusively accessible to our community at the moment. The game challenges players to battle it out in a new arena until only one player remains.


As players explore this vibrant world, they will encounter a diverse cast of characters, including merchants, traders, and smugglers, each with their own unique story to tell.

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What is AstroMust and what makes it different from other mobile games?

AstroMust is a revolutionary multiplayer, multi-genre space adventure game that offers a unique shared narrative experience. Unlike other mobile games, AstroMust combines adventure, discovery, progression, collaboration, competition, mastery, craftsmanship, and customization, providing players with an unparalleled gaming journey.

What are Active OGs and what are their benefits?

The Active OGs are a collection of unique digital assets that provide holders with exclusive benefits, including access to 20% revenue sharing in the gaming industry (current market value at $165 Billion). The privilege to restock in-game items for sale, priority access to AstroMust’s project updates and beta keys, monthly newsletters, and a prestigious in-game identity that sets them apart and enhances their social standing within the game’s community.

What's the difference between an Active OG and a Joker Active OGs

The Active OG and Joker OG have essentially the same utility, but have two differences between them.

Firstly, the Joker OG is a fully customizable asset, which means that its appearance and features can be modified according to the holder’s preferences.

Secondly, the Joker OG has access to a larger distribution pool of the 20% revenue share. This means that the Joker OG holders will receive a larger portion of  revenue compared to the Active OG holders, and the specific amount will be equivalent to the difference in value price between the two assets.

How can I purchase an Active OG

The Active OG is an exclusive asset and available only through invitation. To join the holder pool and have the opportunity to purchase , you needs to fill out the request for an invitation form. After submitting the application, the team will review and respond with an invitation if approved. The specific date for purchasing the OG will be communicated a few days prior to its release. 

How does AstroMust leverage web3 technology and what benefits does it offer?

AstroMust leverages the latest advancements in web3 technology to provide an unparalleled player experience. It enables player ownership, stored progression, and tradable in-game assets. Additionally, AstroMust introduces the innovative Active OGs asset class, which offers unique benefits and revenue-sharing opportunities to savvy retail investors. The use of blockchain technology also enables seamless interoperability between interconnected games, allowing players to transfer items and assets effortlessly.